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Play station network is a newest thing that came from Sony entertainment. That new platform made a big difference between Sony Play station consoles and other consoles. You one hundred percent heard about Play station network but maybe you don’t even know they also call it PSN and you heard about that for sure. I’m I right? Of course I am since there is no gamer that haven’t heard about Sony entertainment and about their epic and awesome consoles. PSN was released at 2006 year and now they have over 100 million different accounts around the world. Which is a really big success if you ask me. So what is so special about Play station network?Upgrade your knowledge by visiting website with full guide free PSN codes list.

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First of all everybody can make Play station network account because it is fully for free. Thing that made PSN so special is a fact that you can buy games online without going at gaming store and buying there. All you need to do is to buy PSN card code which contain unique code. That you enter that code into your account and you can buy any game if you have enough fund’s in your account. Very simple yet very useful.

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That is not all what PSN offers. With your PSN account you can add friends and play online multiplayer games with them and talk to them via talking service similar to team speak. Also you can download free to play games and try them out which is a very funny and great feature. But if you want even more than all those things you can subscribe to Play station network Plus which is a premium mode for this awesome platform. You are probably asking yourself what do you get for subscribing to PNS plus right? Well you get big and epic discounts for other games and also you can play beta and demo modes of newly released games which is great am I right?

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So if you don’t have money to buy card codes and to upgrade your account to PSN plus that you have to use PNS card code giveaways and PSN hacks and even maybe generators for those codes. Go and find those specialized websites for only PSN codes giveaways and participate in daily giveaways for free codes. Maybe you have epic luck who knows, if you don’t try you will not find out. Good luck with your giveaways than.

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